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100 Years In The Making: Hochiki Europe Launches Its Most Sophisticated Multi-Sensor

Hochiki Europe, the leading global manufacturer of life safety systems, is releasing its new multi-sensor into the European market. The ACD-EN is the most technologically superior multi-sensor ever developed by the group, which celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year.  The new multi-sensor offers system designers and installers 24 EN-approved modes of operation incorporating smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detection to suit a multitude of environments.

The ACD-EN is the latest addition to Hochiki Europe’s world-proven ESP intelligent sensor range – a group of ultra-reliable products designed to be easy to install, maintain and operate.


The ACD-EN features an integrated CO detection cell to enhance its rapid response to fire and at 10 years, has one of the longest cell lifespan of any similar product currently available in the marketplace.

Hochiki Europe’s launch of the new sensor follows a sector report released recently by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) which gives conclusive evidence showing multi-sensor detectors are better at false alarm rejection. The report, which was conducted by the FIA in conjunction with the Building Research Establishment, and its findings have been endorsed by Hochiki Europe.


Over the last decade, most recorded fire incidents in Britain have been false alarms, costing the UK taxpayer more than a billion pounds each year. The ACD-EN features a unique combination of technologies which mean the product automatically begins to adjust its sensitivity based on its surroundings from the moment it is installed. Through this constant monitoring of the environment, the sensor actively minimises the potential for false alarms.

David Brown, Product Manager at Hochiki Europe, said, “After 100 years of innovation we are extremely proud to be launching this advanced sensor into the market at a time when building owners and duty holders are under extreme pressure to safeguard their occupants against the threat of fire, whilst at the same time significantly reducing the risk of false alarms.

“We have already received a number of enquiries for this device, with its revolutionary use of innovative sensing algorithms and the combination of three sensing elements, we believe the ACD-EN is the best of its kind on the market and of the superior standard that our customers have come to expect from Hochiki Europe’s products.”

For more information on the ACD-EN multi-sensor, please visit: www.hochikieurope.com/acd

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