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The stunning M.A.N 13.290 4x4/Rosenbauer Advanced Technology 3 ARFF vehicle posed in the Cornish sun.

1st UK Rosenbauer AT for Land’s End Airport

Land`s End Airport (EGHC) in the county of Cornwall, UK is the most south westerly commercial airport operation on the UK mainland. This successful – privately owned airport is located in a stunning coastal location boasting unrestricted views looking out on to one of the busiest shipping lanes in the North Atlantic Ocean. The airport offers an exclusive scheduled air link to St Mary`s Airport on the archipelago Isles of Scilly which consists of five inhabited islands located 28 miles west of the Cornish peninsula.

Land’s End Airport officially opened in June 1937 with the inaugural flight to the Isles of Scilly taking place on the 15th September 1937 when a de Havilland Dragon with the pilot and four passengers landed on St Marys golf course on the largest of the Scilly Isles. Since 2012 Land`s End Airport has been locally owned by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group (ISSG) who retain their administrative headquarters in Penzance. ISSG`s subsidiary Lands End Airport Limited operate the airport and another subsidiary Isles of Scilly Skybus is the sole provider of aircraft on this exclusive route to St Mary`s Airport! In 2013 the company embarked on a multi million pound (£) investment in the airport to upgrade many of its dated and inadequate facilities. With some additional funding courtesy of the European Regional Development Fund the airport has seen the completion of some significant capital projects in the past 36 months which  have greatly enhanced the airports infrastructure and the overall passenger experience! These include the construction of a new eco-friendly passenger terminal, a state-of-the-art air traffic control tower, the installation of new lighting & navigation systems, improvements to the apron plus the laying of two of their four runways to  an all weather surface. The final instalment will see the installation of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)  to the main runways.

The airport fire & rescue service have also seen some specific enhancements under the directive of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group. In 2013 the airport was upgraded from category 2 to category 3 aircraft movements and additional fire service personnel were recruited to fully comply with UK CAA CAT 3 requirements. All fire-service personnel now receive professional training at a UK CAA certified fire-training centre and more recently the fire station was extensively refurbished & modernised. In the summer of 2015 the airport management engaged in discussions with leading European fire engine manufacturers for the supply of  their first new & purpose built ARFF vehicle! 

Following a competitive tendering process; an order was placed with Rosenbauer UK for the supply of a state-of-the-art Rosenbauer Advanced Technology 3 series aviation, rescue & fire-fighting vehicle; the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The 75kg DCP trolley lowered by an innovative compact electric winch system.

The 75kg DCP trolley lowered by an innovative compact electric winch system.

The 3rd generation of the Rosenbauer Advanced Technology series (AT for short) captivates over 90 safety and ergonomic innovations gained from the production of over 5000 AT series fire-fighting vehicles since its introduction in 1994! The AT series boasts a production process which is continuously being perfected. The superstructure makes use of bent laser-cut aluminium sheets assembled into a high-strength light-weight body which is self-supporting, torsion-resistant and finished with robust flush-fitting plastic covers. The seamless integrated crew cabin has been refined with the latest safety and ergonomic features and includes the innovative safe exit rotating crew-cab stairs – permitting the crew to safely exit the vehicle even when fully donned in PPE. The spacious interior offers various seating layouts with 3 x SCBA mountings, 3-point safety belts to all seats plus an optional complete roll-over airbag system with seatbelt pre-tensioners.

The innovative rear superstructure can accommodates both water, foam and dry chemical fire-fighting media; the pump and a comprehensive array of fire-fighting and crash-rescue apparatus stowed on space saving, flexible and easy accessible rotating shelves – which are fully illuminated with the latest LED lighting technology. The Rosenbauer Logic-Control System based on CAN-bus technology provides the driver with a quick and comprehensive overview of the operational status of the entire vehicle. It provides information about the tank contents, open equipment lockers and much more. In addition, all signals units, lighting systems and fire-fighting media can be controlled & monitored from this unit. In the rear locker there is an additional LCD flat screen which virtually mirrors all of the control & monitoring options on the in-cab mounted system.

The Rosenbauer Advanced Technology series is available on a wide range of chassis & engine combinations with custom built superstructures and flexible fire-fighting media in a superior fire-engine package adaptable for urban, industrial and aviation rescue & fire-fighting applications. Factually the AT series is one of the most successful fire engine concepts of the 21st century!

Working closely with the customer Rosenbauer UK have recently fulfilled the delivery of this stunning AT3 aerodrome rescue and fire fighting vehicle tailored to meet the urban dynamics of Land`s End Airport Fire & Rescue Service.  This UK 1st (Rosenbauer AT No 4994) is set-up on the robust M.A.N TGM 13.290 4×4 chassis incorporating the latest 290 bhp Euro 6 diesel engine and 12 speed Tipmatic automated transmission. This AT3 makes use of a seamless clean flowing Rosenbauer crew safety cabin with 3 x forwarded facing crew seats fitted with integrated SCBA mountings and seat belt pre tensioners  plus wide opening doors linked to the innovative safe exit crew cab steps.

Land`s End Airport specified their AT3 with a rear superstructure incorporating the inventive Rosenbauer easy access stowage system enclosed by 7 x full length roller shutter doors finished in a stunning dark grey paint finish. Fire-fighting media includes 2,445 litres of water, 326 litres of foam plus a very cleverly stowed 75 kg Perren Engineering DCP trolley. Due to a low-height restriction the tender makes use of a remote bumper mounted Rosenbauer RM15 monitor delivering 1,800 lpm fed by a Rosenbauer NH35 multi pressure pump rated at 2,500 lpm @ 10 bar linked to the Rosenbauer FIXMIX foam proportioning system. The tender incorporates a 80 metre high-pressure hose reel fitted with a Rosenbauer Select Flow RB100 branch – plus a vehicle under body self-protection system. This stunning category 3 ARFF vehicle which is finished to a class leading standard meets all current UK CAA, ICAO and NFPA standards.

Rosenbauer UK Managing Director, Oliver North, commented; “The AT, which we’ve had the pleasure to build for Land’s End Airport, is an extremely poignant one as it completely raises the bar for what any commercial chassis airfield fire fighting appliance can be. Not only airport specific, it highlights our ability to use the market leading AT and make it bespoke for any  fire fighting organisation.

With the first AT domestic fire engines recently delivered to the Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, I genuinely feel that this initial batch of AT`s will be the first of hundreds due into the UK over the next  few years. Our initial feedback from the fire-fighters who will be using these appliances over the next twenty years or so has been extremely flattering; and we look forward  to an excellent partnership supporting  their AT`s over the next few decades.”

For more information, go to www.rosenbauer.co.uk

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