Peter Lackey
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Peter Lackey, Safety Expert at ADT Fire & Security has previously served as a firefighter, offshore survival instructor and mines rescue team member specialising in firefighting.

Putting fire safety back in the spotlight

Fire can impact anyone and yet few people see it as an immediate threat, holding on to the hope it could never happen to them. This complacency is a danger in itself, but the problem has been made even more…

Community Fire Safety

This article discusses common mistakes made by our communities and what can be done to ensure fire safety is kept on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Health and safety training in the workplace is not just encouraged, but essential, with…

Staying on top of ever-changing fire-safety regulations

More than ever before, fire-safety regulations are under intense scrutiny as time passes since the Grenfell Tower tragedy. However, when it comes to legal obligations around fire safety, many UK businesses are still worryingly unaware of the rules and the…

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