Sophie Washington
Sophie Washington
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Sophie Washington

FireTreks – the final chapter

FireTreks has not only provided 10 months of pure adventure but a new outlook on the future of fire-safety design. The journey finished earlier than expected; on my final day in the Bolivian Amazon jungle I woke in my hammock…

Firetreks – the journey so far

Five months into my journey and I have explored three wonderfully unique countries in South America as part of the FireTreks project. I began FireTreks to gain a greater insight into fire safety across the varied environments South America has…

FireTreks – knowledge sharing with the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

For any industry, data and how we harness, process and share it is key to developing procedures that can help to prevent the loss of lessons learnt. FireTreks aims to support the IFE in their mission to gather and share…

FireTreks – the journey starts now

FireTreks was created to start a journey. Rainforests, deserts, volcanos, ice fields, salt flats, mountains, remote islands and condensed townships – FireTreks aims to investigate how fire safety is managed in such varied environments. No tourists and absolutely no contact…

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