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Bariquins produce training mannequins weighing 25st/350lb/159kg that ONE person can carry -providing that it is not assembled! Bariquins are for use by Emergency personnel, Health Care staff or employees of any organisation involved with plus-size people. Bariquins mannequins are designed to be used in training to safely and efficiently move and handle people suffering from obesity, whilst maintaining their dignity. A Bariquin is made up of 15 weighted parts, a jacket plus the realistic looking head, hands and feet. The heaviest component is designed to be 16kgs (that’s much less than the weight of a flight suitcase). Carrying handles are provided on all the heaviest body parts. Simple connectors are used allowing the Bariquin to be assembled quickly. A system of decals placed on all the parts easily identifies where each section fits to assist assembly. A full Bariquin takes less than 10 minutes to clip together. Bariquins are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Bariquins also offer training for bariatric patient handling and bariatric casualty rescue. Patient handling training is for circumstances where there is access to hoists. Casualty handling training is for scenarios where such equipment is not available and where moving the plus-size person is time critical.

For more information please visit: www.bariquins.com

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