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Better Nutritional Science Launches the UK’s First Brain Food Supplement Cognitive Enhancer – Perfect for Emergency Services Personnel

Cognitive Enhancer Launched by Better Nutritional Science

The UK’s first Brain Food Supplement Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer (NCE) with natural matcha, guarana and vitamins/minerals has been launched by Better Nutritional Science.

  • BrainZyme is scientifically proven to improve concentration and reduce tiredness and is manufactured in UK.
  • BrainZyme begins to work within an hour, is compliant with 6 government agencies, natural and safe.

The emergency services are some of the most demanding professions a person can take up.  These vital men and women are put under huge physical and mental strain every day – and mistakes can potentially have serious consequences.  Tiredness is a significant problem for those in these essential professions thanks to the stresses and circumstances inherent in their work.  Furthermore, it’s important for emergency services personnel to be at their sharpest for as long as possible, able to think clearly and work under pressure.

That’s why Edinburgh-based Better Nutritional Science has launched BrainZyme, a new brain food supplement that works within an hour to support clearer thinking and unlock energy. The nutritional capsules are ideal for anyone who feels like they are having trouble with a lack of energy or who struggles to stay focused after a long day.

There is a growing demand for ‘smart pills’ that help people get more done in their study or work day, and BrainZyme works as a safe and legal alternative to drugs such as Modafinil.

BrainZyme is a Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer (NCE) with natural matcha, guarana and vitamins/minerals, and is backed up by real science that supports its claims of enabling concentration, enhanced mental performance, and reduced tiredness.  It also helps with procrastination, ignoring distractions, improving multitasking, creativity and helping provide sustained productivity, energy and alertness for 4-6 hours.

BrainZyme was created because its creators at Better Nutritional Science saw there was a need for fast-acting, effective formulas providing a cognitive enhancement that was backed up with real science, and were safe and legal to take. “In today’s highly competitive world, there is a need be smart and get more done, and better, on a daily basis. BrainZyme was made to meet that need,” stated Calum Scott, General Manager of Better Nutritional Science.

One of Britain’s top nutrition scientists, Dr Laura Wyness, completed an audit of the BrainZyme product range.  The audit stated, “Many of the vitamins and minerals included are helpful in providing short-term support for areas where there might be shortfalls in nutrients related to areas such as cognitive function, mental performance, psychological function (in totality, supporting clearer thinking) and energy-yielding metabolism; helping to release energy from the foods we eat; and reducing tiredness and fatigue (in totality supporting nutritional energy).”

These benefits of clearer thinking and nutritional energy have helped to energise and motivate people from all walks of life including shift workers, pilots, busy parents, pro-gamers, golfers, and students.

Better Nutritional Science successfully qualified for Scottish Enterprise’s Wider Innovation (Make it to Market) grant earlier in the year. “It is envisaged that the identified health benefits of the product will enable the business to capitalise on the growing brain health supplement market, which is globally estimated to reach £8.52 billion in under 7 years,” stated Thea Ní Lionnáin, Innovation Specialist at Scottish Enterprise.

BrainZyme was launched in response to demand for customers wanting to stay alert, focused, and productive, and is proven to do just that. Responses have been very positive, with reviews stating that the product helped people think clearly under pressure and aided their focus, with no subsequent comedown.

BrainZyme is available online at www.brainzyme.com. The product range has three products priced between £9.95 to £25.95 for a pack of 30 capsules (depending if ‘entry level’, for ‘pressure situations’ or for ‘longer periods’). The product is sugar/carb free and fully vegan compliant.

Readers of International Firefighter have been offered a 10% discount on any order made, please enter Fire10 when you checkout to receive this exclusive offer.

Learn more or order at www.brainzyme.com

Background image courtesy of Glenn Wallace, Inverness


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