This dramatic night-time image of firefighting operations in progress during an eight-pump fire in a commercial premises in East London highlights the possible post-fire legal disputes over fire-protection standards that are described in this article.
There are standards, then there are standards – the latter need not be complied with! Part 1

The motivation for this two-part article arose from an observation overheard in a meeting when…

Firefighters from Lancashire Fire and Rescue were the first to be trained as volunteer vaccinators.
NFCC continues to support FRSs through Covid vaccination

On Friday, 31 January 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in the UK.…

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how pragmatic safety management can be.
Spinning plates

The fire-safety industry recognises Fire and Rescue Services have multiple responsibilities when it comes to…

Mr Jerry Rodgers (centre in black), Rescue Captain, Charlotte Fire Department, NC, USA conducting close-quarter J-Turns during training in Tasmania.
Challenges of Continuous Professional Development for on-water and flood search and rescue using small rescue craft

Researching Continuous Professional Development for conducting water and flood search and rescue (SAR) using small…

Wireless devices can be the ideal solution for all fire systems in high-rise residential buildings in the UK.
Wireless can overcome the challenges of unsafe cladding

Over three years after the Grenfell Tower fire, the fallout is still rarely out of…

Andy Elliott was one of the first on scene at the 308km2 Valley Fire in California in 2015 where 1955 structures were destroyed.
Wildfire research – from the ground up

Having worked for many years in both land management and the fire and rescue service…

The question of who will pay for remedial works remains open.
Fire safety law: where are we now?

Over three and a half years since the tragedy at Grenfell, the new fire safety…

The risks of heat stress on a firefighter cannot be underestimated, it can leave your firefighting crews tiring more quickly.
How to choose structural firefighting gear that reduces the impact of heat stress

A firefighter needs to evaporate about 1 litre of sweat per hour to be able…

Door in historic building in Westminster.
How to fireproof historic buildings to ensure our past has a future

General construction companies are well aware of the basic fire-safety procedures which need to be…

The benefits of DESMI onboard firefighting systems

In marine applications, DESMI’s FineFog™ Fixed Water-Based Firefighting systems offer a safe, low-pressure alternative. After…

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