Burning tyres.
Minimising the risk: rubber and plastic fires

The global shift towards sustainability is seeing businesses continually search for alternative fuel sources, causing…

The smallest model available has a 500ml capacity to deal with smaller fires such as those caused by mobile phones at home or in the office.
The dilemmas faced with lithium battery fires – and how to extinguish them

With more lithium batteries in use than ever before, the risk of fires caused by…

Practical training of staff at a military hospital in Saudi Arabia.
Aspects of fire safety in the NHS

The combined efforts of multi-disciplined management involved in the tiered structure of fire-safety management within…

Major rail incidents – how prepared are you really?

It is true that rail travel globally is officially the second safest mode of transport…

Outthink Wildfire™ is a comprehensive strategy from NFPA that lays out five key policy changes that need to be made at the federal, state, and local levels in the US to end wildfire destruction over the next 30 years.
Outthink Wildfire – Part 1
A bold new plan from NFPA calls for ending the destruction of communities in the…
Fig. 1: Tank farm fire at Deer Park, Texas, USA.
Use of foam for firefighting in tank farms of the oil and petrochemical industry – Part 1

Tank farm fires in the oil and petrochemical industry do not occur often. When they…

Various interim fire-safety solutions are available to landlords who require a temporary change in building evacuation strategy.
Fire safety in buildings awaiting cladding replacement: waking watch vs fire-alarm system

Effectively supporting a temporary change of evacuation strategy from ‘stay put’ to ‘simultaneous evacuation’ requires…

The fire service should only use foam when it’s completely bio-degradable.
Embedding sustainable development goals in the DNA of Fire and Rescue Services
Fire & Rescue Services (FRS) organisations deliver complex services including fire-risk prevention, mitigation and incident…
Where fire resistance is concerned, metal hinges are an obvious weak point in any timber door. Fitting a high-performance intumescent gasket will overcome this problem – here we see expanded MAP intumescent around a fire-rated hinge.
Intumescent materials – the vital technology in passive fire protection systems

They remain inert in normal conditions but expand to many times their dormant size to…

Fire Station within remote area of Scotland’s Highland and Islands.
Reflections of my time as HM Chief Inspector of Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Having handed over the reins at the end of March to a new Chief Inspector,…

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