Diagram of a mechanically ventilated smoke shaft system in a residential block.
Smoke and mirrors

Smoke shafts are simple, yet effective, ventilation systems that help maintain tenable conditions in common…

Emphasising national operational learning.
Operational guidance fit for a digital world

It’s been a year since the launch of the new National Operational Guidance (NOG) website.…

The FIA offers qualifications and training in fire detection and alarm systems and the relevant standards, where learners can achieve qualifications in fire-alarm installation and maintenance.
What you need to know about BS 7273-4:2015

Reading and understanding standards and codes of practice is the fire-industry professional’s bread and butter,…

2018 marks the 75th anniversary of The Fire Fighters Charity.
Supporting Fire and Rescue Services’ mental health needs

The Fire Fighters Charity has long supported the mental health of individuals from across the…

Fingertip excavation at a fire scene.
Improving the standards and competency of fire investigators

Fire investigation can be one of the most complex forensic evidence types. The destructive forces…

Substation fire – Choosing the correct transformers fluids is pivotal to the safety of the wider environment.
The growing threat of the world’s ageing transformer fleets

An underground fire which led to a partial evacuation at Newark Liberty International Airport on…

The Edesix X-100 helmet-mounted camera accessory.
Body-worn cameras, decision making and our fire services

As the use of wearable cameras grows within the emergency services industry, Edesix provides an…

Understanding how stratification works in large spaces is key to understanding the placement of detectors.
Fire Industry Association research sheds light on detection of stratified smoke

Fire detection in large open spaces has often proved to be challenging. BS5839-1 provides clear…

The world’s high-rise structures in wood are fire protected by vents that block flames even when you see the flames through them before they seal up. This is the Mjos Tower, currently the world’s highest wooden residential building.
See-through flame protection

If you look up through rainscreen cladding you may see all the way up, past…

FläktGroup HT smoke shaft vent.
Clearing the air on mechanical smoke extraction guidance

The current lack of definitive guidance for auditing mechanical smoke extraction designs in high-rise buildings…

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