UK Fire magazine – Issue 11 – November 2020

UKAS Spreader SP 300 E (2010-2014) of the first eDraulic generation in use.
Battery-powered rescue tools

‘This is much heavier than our previous equipment.’ ‘What do I do if I forget…

Fire dog Dexter working at a typical fire scene.
Canine assets

Since the first fire-investigation dog in the UK appeared in West Midlands Fire Service in…

Compartment walls and floors between dwellings.
Fire safety: building services penetrations
Fire safety, competency and the way we build post-Grenfell has become a major industry focus.…
Moerdijk-harbor area 2011: high-risk industry with unprepared public services and unbalanced legal framework. Toxic waste and fluor containing foam.
The Beirut explosion: an inconvenient truth for the industry and authorities

The devastating explosion in the Beirut harbour area was a dramatic wake-up call for the…

Smoke detection sensor component of Notifier system.
Solid ceilings and walls no match for intelligent fire safety

As commercial property prices have mounted over recent decades, a growing number of residential buildings…

Frontline Coffee has taken off so rapidly that Matt has left his job as a firefighter with the London Fire Brigade to focus on their social enterprise full-time. Tom, meanwhile, still works for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.
Just brew-ti-ful: firefighting entrepreneurs serve up 20,000 cups of coffee to Covid-19 key workers

Two firefighter entrepreneurs handed out over 20,000 cups of coffee to frontline key workers during…

Pressure rose within the crowd at the 2010 Love Parade, a free-access, electronic dance music festival and parade, where a crowd crush led to hundreds injured and over 20 dead.
Crowd source

Someday soon, crowds will once again be a defining feature of the human experience. When…

Firefighters extinguishing a fire in a realistic road accident training scenario with a Dräger Vehicle Fire training simulation.
The future of realistic firefighter training: balancing safety and protecting the environment

This article discusses how ‘realism’ has become one of the most important elements of modern…

Dafo’s Li-IonFire is specifically designed to prevent and suppress fire in EVs and HEVs.
Ensuring the safe operation of electric and hybrid electric vehicles

While the global transition towards a more sustainable environment, with increased use of renewable energy…

Founding members of the IFSS Coalition at the UN launch in Geneva July, 2018.
Global coalition launch standard on fire safety

More than three years after London’s Grenfell Tower cladding fire tragedy in June 2017, the…

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