UK Fire magazine Archive – Issue 12 – February 2021

The risks of heat stress on a firefighter cannot be underestimated, it can leave your firefighting crews tiring more quickly.
How to choose structural firefighting gear that reduces the impact of heat stress

A firefighter needs to evaporate about 1 litre of sweat per hour to be able…

Door in historic building in Westminster.
How to fireproof historic buildings to ensure our past has a future

General construction companies are well aware of the basic fire-safety procedures which need to be…

Ensure adequate provision is made to access above and around services to install penetration seals.
Ensuring the integrity of fire compartmentation

Fire compartmentation is a fundamental aspect of fire-safety provision, but when it is compromised, it…

Industry members of the Board of Directors (Nissan and Oil-tanking) and the team on duty.
GBA: Unified Industrial Fire Service without management, autonomy in the port of Amsterdam

The sea-port area of Amsterdam ranks fourth in terms of economic significance in north-western Europe.…

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