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Kussmaul Electronics

Stand - D38

Kussmaul Electronics has focused on servicing emergency vehicles, specialty vehicles and vans for over 50 years, always with the commitment to deliver high quality products and the best of the customer service experience. Kussmaul manufactures a complete line of Automatic Battery Chargers. The fully automatic chargers are available in sizes from 1 to 80 amps. The Auto Eject is a registered trademark of Kussmaul Electronics and there are multiple patents on the Auto Eject design; the automatic disconnects, the Auto Eject for electrical lines and the Air Eject for air lines connects these services to the vehicle. Also a broad array of Power Control Products, Load Managers and Inverters, all of them are designed to protect the vehicles electrical system.

Kussmaul Electronics is continually developing solutions and innovative products under the umbrella of our values: Integrity, Service, Durability and Quality to their customers.

For more information please visit: www.kussmaul.com

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