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New company launched to improve fire services to waste sector

A new fire detection and suppression system business has been launched for the waste and recycling industry in a bid to improve services offered to the sector.

The team at FireShield Systems Ltd say current fire solutions offered to waste companies or enforced by insurers and regulating bodies are often ill-informed, outdated and in some cases unfeasible.

They have joined forces to offer a range of detection solutions and suppression mediums sourced from internationally recognised third-party accredited manufacturers specialising in high-risk applications relevant to the waste and recycling sector.

Managing Director Mark Bain and Technical Director Russell Bonnett have teamed up with Engineering Manager Andy Shaw and Lead Engineer Liam Sierota to create the company, which was the concept of waste and recycling operator Chris Mountain after he had experienced poor service and systems installed at his Mid UK Recycling facilities.

Between them the team have over 20 years of experience designing, specifying, installing and maintaining fire systems in the waste and recycling sector and other high-risk industries.

Russell said: The suitability of many of the systems being provided to waste and recycling businesses in the UK currently offers little choice for what is a vast range of materials and hazard scenarios. Many of the systems really aren’t up to the standard they need to be for this rapidly developing sector where available solutions have moved on from those typically specified by some insurers, consultants and other AHJ’s.

“Chris had a series of bad experiences of this at Mid UK Recycling, and it was this that led to the idea of us launching our own business.”

FireShield Systems Ltd design, install and maintain a number of detection and suppression systems, offering its clients a solution bespoke to each risk type.

It offers both fixed and mobile solutions for buildings, equipment and materials, as well as client portal software which logs all installations and allows customers to track system service requirements and book services proactively.
Chris, who experienced a large fire at his Mid UK Recycling site three years ago, said: “Having experienced a fire on our site first hand I was really keen to make sure that I got the right systems in place going forward.

“When I looked at what was out there I felt the companies had little or no waste experience and were in it for a quick win. A lot of solutions are “one size fits all” and that doesn’t work in our sector. This team bring together years of experience from this sector and understand the individual needs we all have.”

To date, the team at FireShield Systems Ltd has already worked with Mid UK, Warwick Ward Case, Komatsu, Machtech Services, Mick George, Arnold Plant, Boden Group, Stanton Recycling, TC Harrison & Gunn JCB, East Coast Waste, Wrennal Bros, Wheeldon Bros and Blue Group Central.

MD Mark Bain added: “Our philosophy is to have competent, experienced and a fully trained installation team headed up by Andy and Liam who will fully train incoming engineers in accordance with the stringent installation protocols that our suppliers insist on.

“There are various industry standards that we work to and it’s imperative we maintain these high levels of work.”

The company is currently focussing on the waste and recycling sector but has plans to expand into other related specialist markets in the future.

For more information please visit: www.fireshieldsystemsltd.co.uk/

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