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The world’s longest reach-rescue pole system.

Reach and Rescue Ltd – The world’s longest and most versatile rescue and surveillance system

When firefighters realised they were missing a vital component in their water rescue procedure, they needed an innovative solution. Rather than turning to safety gear experts, however, it was the manufacturing industry that they asked for help. Thinking outside the box can result in truly groundbreaking products with many diverse applications – Reach and Rescue has created an innovative and revolutionary lifesaving invention.

The longest, most versatile and successful telescopic rescue pole system in the world was born and manufactured right here in Britain.

Today, the Reach and Rescue Pole is used by 70% of the UK fire service and is sold in over 33 countries.

The rescue system has been tried and tested, and has saved lives both human and animal, whilst constantly maintaining the safety of the operator.

The pole itself can be extended to an unmatched length of 17m and can be deployed to the casualty with directional accuracy in just 20 seconds.

The rigid, carbon-fibre construction of the pole allows the operator to deploy regardless of the weather or general conditions.

Reach and Rescue has a wide and comprehensive range of attachments, enabling this versatile pole to be converted into whichever tool may be necessary according to the scenario and location.

Since its innovation in 2011, the unique pole has been utilised not just within the fire and rescue service, but with over 20 attachments, it has been successful in a wide range of industries. From surveillance and security, to working at heights and in all aspects of search and rescue, the pole has demonstrated its versatility across the globe.

It is simple to use and civilians can use it to perform a rescue while waiting for emergency services to arrive, speeding up the rescue and saving lives.

The Reach and Rescue Pole comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it is exponentially more reliable and more affordable than some traditional rescue equipment. By being unique, innovative, versatile and successful, Reach and Rescue are the global leaders in the market.

Some of the attachments that have been used throughout the world are:

The pole and camera being used to inspect the underneath of an HGV.

The pole and camera being used to inspect the underneath of an HGV.

The Underwater and Inspection Camera

The Camera is an accessory that can be used to search/inspect heights or depths of up to 17m. This is achieved through using the camera in conjunction with the Reach and Rescue Pole, in which a camera attaches to the top of the pole and sends a live video feed to a 7in LCD screen.

It has also been successfully used to search in hard-to-reach places, such as under HGVs and the Police have triumphantly found a murder weapon using the Reach and Rescue pole and camera.

To see for yourself this innovative, life-saving and versatile rescue and surveillance pole system, contact Reach and Rescue on +44 (0) 3301 595088.

For more information, go to www.reachandrescue.com

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