NOFIRNO gasket for manholes withstands heavy-duty fire test

Beele Engineering successfully subjected NOFIRNO gaskets for manholes to A-0 fire test Manholes onboard ships or in industrial or offshore plants are generally only used from time to time. The manholes are closed most of the time and are only…

Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection gives approval for NOFIRNO system

BEELE Engineering’s NOFIRNO sealing system has been approved by Switzerland’s FOCP for use in Swiss buildings designed for the purpose of protecting its citizens. During the Second World War, protecting the civilian population was given a great deal of attention. This…

NOFIRNO successfully tested for fire-resistance when used to seal openings in floors and walls

The risk of falling is one of the most common causes of an industrial accident. A fall through an opening in a workplace floor is no longer an exception. Openings, together with gaps and joints also form a natural flue…

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