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TFT Introduces 25mm G-Force Nozzle

A Completely Customizable Nozzle Platform

Valparaiso, IN: Task Force Tips introduced today a 25mm version of its popular G-Force nozzle. The G-Force line of high quality, economical family of firefighting nozzles are based upon a customizable global platform design of fixed, selectable, and automatic nozzles. G-Force combines 50 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience into true next generation firefighting tools and are manufactured exclusively at TFT’s USA production facilities.

The 25mm fixed version is available as a fixed 285 or 360 l/min at 5 or 7 bar (75 or 100gpm at 75 or 100psi), a selectable at 60/110/170/230/285 l/min at 5 or 7 bar (15/30/45/60/75gpm at 75 or 100 psi) or an automatic from 75-300 l/min at 5 or 7 bar (20-80gpm at 75 or 100psi). Several EN certified 6 bar models are also available.

A TFT Impulse trigger valve system is available on all models for turbulence free flow control and pulsing. The integrated bail handle valve option includes a stainless steel slide valve for turbulence free flow control. Models also include an integral debris screen and the ability to flush debris without pattern adjustment or nozzle shut off. The nozzle’s lightweight hard anodized aluminum alloy body includes permanent laser engraved operational markings and highly visible reflective labeling. In addition, like all TFT products, serial numbers allow for easy access to operation manuals and TFT’s 24/7 support.

For more information, go to newforce.tft.com

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