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Trigen Automotive Rolls Out The Hooklift Foam Tender

TRIGEN Automotive, a division of HOPE Technik specialising in the manufacture of special function vehicles, including four generations of the iconic Singapore Red Rhino Light Fire Attack Vehicle, has recently rolled out one of its largest firefighting vehicles to date – the Hooklift Foam Tender. Specially developed for Singapore Changi Airport, the Hooklift Foam Tender is a crucial firefighting support vehicle designed to work in tandem with other firefighting vehicles in airport emergency operations. It carries a large hooklift pod containing firefighting foam concentrate and uses an engine driven fire pump to put out large fires effectively.

The Hooklift Foam Tender measures 9.2 metres long, 2.8 metres wide and 3.75 metres tall. Despite its size, the firefighting vehicle is able to manoeuvre in narrow spaces, such as airport service roads, within the apron, on the tarmac as well as the service roads of an aircraft fuel farm. Its single stage, centrifugal fire pump is driven by a diesel engine and flows 6,000 litres per minute of water at 10 bar, enabling the large flow monitor located at the rear of the vehicle to achieve a range of 80 metres. The monitor is electronically controlled with a mechanical hand wheel override and is coupled to an aspirating foam branch pipe that produces a consistent foam product during firefighting operations.

The stainless steel foam tank holds up to 8,000 litres of foam and the foam pod module can be set down independently from the vehicle. When the foam pod is near empty, the Hooklift Tender returns with another filled foam pod picked up from a nearby station to continue the firefight. Alternatively, the entire foam pod module that is set down on the ground can serve as a distribution point for foam concentrate to other vehicles.

“The Hooklift Foam Tender was developed to handle fuel-related fire incidents in the fastest manner possible,” said George Thu Rein Tun, mechanical engineer of the Hooklift Foam Tender. “With smart packaging, TRIGEN Automotive is honoured to have been able to provide a highly flexible and efficient home-grown firefighting solution for Changi Airport.”

Exhibitors and Trade Visitors TRIGEN Automotive cordially invites exhibitors and trade visitors of Singapore Airshow 2018 who are keen to learn more about the Hooklift Foam Tender’s capabilities to schedule a meeting with our sales team at booth A11 from 6 to 9 February 2018.

For more information on TRIGEN Automotive, visit: www.trigenautomotive.com

Images courtesy of TRIGEN Automotive

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