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Issue 1 - May 2018

I am delighted to introduce UK Fire. This represents the fifth fire-related title from MDM Publishing Ltd who are well respected within global fire media. As well as being a

When I was approached to write the inaugural editorial of a new fire-sector publication I have to admit to being a little surprised. I had to ask the obvious question:

The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) will mark a major milestone in 2018: the centenary of their establishment. In October 1918 ten Chief Officers attended a meeting held at Fire Brigade

In the early 1940s London, and cities and towns across the UK, were subjected to devastating bombing raids as the Blitz brought the Second World War to our shores. It

Research pioneered by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and its members has led to some momentous discoveries in the field of fire detection and alarm: more sophisticated multi-sensor detectors really

Established in 1914, MSA Safety Incorporated is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Many MSA products integrate a

Nobel Fire Systems is known for its cutting-edge firefighting systems, but our interest doesn’t just lie in active fire suppression. Our ethos is one of safety throughout. That is why

“Most nights, the fire alarm goes off after midnight in the building where I live. It rings for about 20 minutes before security switches it off. This has been happening

Ion Science, the leading manufacturer of gas-detection instrumentation for global environmental and occupational-health monitoring applications, has launched the world’s first Fire Investigation Kit featuring its well-proven handheld Tiger or TigerLT

As technology evolves, risk changes, incident profiles and demand shift, and budgets are ever decreasing, UK Fire and Rescue Services have become more focused in considering their long-term investment of

Perhaps you may be looking to diversify into fire-extinguisher maintenance. If so, look no further… CheckFire was born in 1975, and operated as a small family business from a garage at

It has been a busy few months at Hainsworth. Our protective-fabrics team has achieved a number of notable successes in combination with our various industry partners in the UK and globally. We

There is a growing debate around fire safety within Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Richard Wharram, Regional Sales Manager at Hochiki Europe, discusses the different legislation that covers this type

In recent years, the UK emergency services sector has changed significantly as roles and responsibilities have evolved, and new technology and procurement practices have been introduced. This has had a

Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service (DSFRS) now has three full Specialist Rescue Teams in the Service area which serves a resident population of 1.4 million. Set up over ten

Disasters including Grenfell and high-rise fires in the UK and the Middle East have highlighted the need for collaboration between those in the supply chain to ensure the fire protection

The importance of businesses having access to an evacuation chair, and the right training to be able to use it, cannot be underestimated. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

With the introduction of its Xenon range, Ballyclare signalled a new direction in the design and manufacture of multifunctional fire-and-rescue garments. The range has since found a growing popularity with

Rescuing animals has always been an activity of the fire service, often attracting an element of mirth when considering the age-old plight of cats up trees! 2018 heralds the 10th

In this article we look at why responsibility for breaches in compartmentation need to be driven from the top and backed by comprehensive training to ensure those who commission refurbishments

Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, and technical rescue helmets. We have a long and proud tradition of

When firefighters realised they were missing a vital component in their water rescue procedure, they needed an innovative solution. Rather than turning to safety gear experts, however, it was the

An emergency service should avoid simply following the status quo of multi-rotors and really assess their drone-use cases before selecting their airframe. Ultimately, the choice of drone will dictate a

Simple but effective, the technique of analysing samples of air drawn from an area for the first traces of smoke and a potential fire threat continues to evolve. In this

Bristol Airport has commissioned the first of three purpose-built fire engines, scheduled for delivery in 2018, from Kronenburg Fire in the Netherlands. These new vehicles form an integral part of

How can you provide your officers with an effective PPE layering system without considering the next-to-skin layer? An effective next-to-skin layer is vital. Your skin covers about 2m² and is your

Fire-and-rescue services need quick and easy access to intelligence about a location. Augmented-reality technology can play a part in this. It is intuitive, visual and aware of its surroundings, making

Selecting a fan for firefighting and rescue operations, much like a hand-line nozzle, comes down to ensuring you have the right flow performance for the right mission. Flow performance includes

The team approach to vehicle extrication is nearly as old as I am, which begs the question: why has it never been revised? No one can doubt that it is

Operational crews attending incidents in the early stages face numerous challenges in stabilisation and monitoring a variety of risks. These risks may include unstable structures, high-sided vehicles and damaged infrastructure.