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Victaulic Introduces New FireLock® Innovative Groove System (IGS) for Small Diameter Hard-pipe Solutions

  • World leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems launches latest innovation for European fire protection market
  • New DN25/1-inch grooved product line includes RG2100 Cam Grooving Tool which cuts pipe preparation time in half
  • Use of Victaulic’s new patented Innovative Groove System (IGS) eliminates oil drippings and shavings, keeping job site safe and clean

Ghent, Belgium – 28 February 2018 – Victaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, announced today the launch of its FireLock® Innovative Groove System (IGS) for DN25/1-inch fire protection piping.

The FireLock® IGS line includes Installation-Ready™ fittings, an Installation-Ready™ Rigid Coupling, branch line outlets and adapters, as well as the VicFlex™ Series AH2-CC Braided Hose and the RG2100 Roll Grooving Tool. These IGS products feature a new, patented IGS groove specification, optimised for DN25/1-inch pipe and for service up to 25 bar/365 psi. By utilising its innovative groove system rather than threading, the IGS solution not only halves the time taken to install, but also makes job sites cleaner and safer.

The RG2100 Roll Grooving Tool is a first-of-its-kind tool that forms a Victaulic IGS groove into either Schedule 10 or Schedule 40 DN25/1-inch pipe (ANSI B36.10). This innovative tool eliminates measuring and adjustment by the operator, as compared to threading, and effortlessly cold forms the IGS groove to specification every time.

Victaulic’s IGS products can be used to create hard-pipe sprigs, pendants and arm-overs, without using a wrench or threading dies.

Susan Schierwagen, Victaulic Vice President – Coupling and Suppression Systems, said: “The same reliability, ease of installation and confidence our customers have come to expect from Victaulic and its grooved solutions is now being offered for DN25/1-inch piping on projects. With the introduction of the FireLock® IGS line, we’re simplifying installation with a solution that is faster, cleaner and more reliable than traditional threading.”

Simplifying Small Diameter Projects

Victaulic’s RG2100 tool takes the guess work out of pipe preparation. The portable tool that mounts on a power drive allows users to cut, ream and groove DN25/1-inch pipe in 35 seconds or less, compared to over 70 seconds to thread pipe for a threaded elbow. The RG2100 reduces training and instruction time, and utilises a one-touch actuation to form a groove compared to a hands-on process to oil and cut thread.

Small Diameter Solutions Made More Efficient

The combination of the RG2100 tool with an Installation-Ready™ elbow allows customers to install a grooved elbow twice as fast as a threaded one and eliminates the use of pipe wrenches which can cause injury from repeated strenuous motion. Importantly, customers are now able to use Schedule 10 pipe throughout their systems, improving flow as well as decreasing both the weight and cost of pipe.

Cleaner, Safer Jobsites for Customers

The IGS solution is not only fast, but also eliminates oil drippings and shavings typically produced during the threading process. This allows contractors to use the portable RG2100 throughout the jobsite without worry, in turn increasing productivity. Additionally, the mechanical joint’s formed groove maintains pipe thickness, which improves corrosion resistance. And, as with most Victaulic products, visual confirmation of pad-to-pad installation ensures leak-free joints for increased customer confidence.

Schierwagen continued: “Our comprehensive IGS product line provides a complete solution for either flexible piping using VicFlex™ AH2-CC or hard piping using Installation-Ready™ fittings for the DN25/1-inch size. With the RG2100 tool, we are able to provide a comprehensive grooved solution for the installer on any sprinkler system.”

Additional details and product information can be found by visiting the FireLock® IGS website.

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