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Washington And Riley Join The Bluesky Fire Door Installer Scheme

Washington And Riley, Staffordshire based architectural hardware specialists, has joined the Bluesky Certification UKAS accredited Fire Door Installer Scheme.

Post Grenfell, the spotlight has been thrown on the importance of installing fire doors correctly and the responsibility fire door installers have to make sure each installation is right. Third-party certification demonstrates that a company’s installation methods are independently monitored, to help improve the safety of fire doors.

“As we continue to see an increase in fire door installations, we were looking for third-party certification to back-up our expertise for installing fire doors, to show that we fit them correctly,” says Anthony Hammond, Project Development Manager at Washington and Riley.

“We believe that third-party certification is vital, we know how important it is to make sure we are doing all we can to keep occupants safe in the buildings where we fit our doors. With third-party certification, everyone involved can trust that a fire door will do its job.

“We were recommended Bluesky Certification and they made the whole process of gaining certification straightforward. They explained the joining process in detail, with regular communication with us to ensure that things progressed swiftly. Now that we have joined Bluesky Certification’s Fire Door Installer Scheme, we can give customers complete confidence that each door is fitted correctly.”

The Bluesky Certification Fire Door Installer scheme verifies that fire doors are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, so that the fire-resistant properties of the doors are maintained through the installation, in order to keep occupants safe. It proves that fire door installers have done everything they possibly can to ensure a fire door has been fitted correctly.

For further information on Bluesky, visit: blueskycert.com

Images provided by BlueSky

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